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A New Name to Reinforce Our Vision and God’s Mission

Missio Seminary will be the new name for Biblical Theological Seminary in October, 2018. In light of our coming move to the heart of Philadelphia, we believe now is the most strategic time to change our name. This will not only help us reach the next generation of Christian leaders, but it will also remove possible stumbling blocks for the gospel reaching those living in regions of the world hostile to the word "Biblical", but receptive to the biblical love of Jesus lived out by his followers.

Missio is the Latin word for mission. You may recognize it from the Latin phrase "missio dei" or "mission of God". As the Father sends the Son into the world, Christians are also sent to the world with the story of Jesus on our lips. "Missio" represents who we are and will help us better tell our story by reinforcing our legacy as one of the leading seminaries of Missional Theology in the nation. Since 1971 we believe God has called us to be entrusted with taking the gospel to local communities around the world. As Missio Seminary, our resolve to this mission remains the same.

Strong brands communicate an organization's core idea and represent the essence of what they stand for. They build meaning, understanding, and recognition over time as they're reinforced through messaging, brand experiences, and consistent use in communications.

The Missio Seminary logo is the concise visual expression of our brand and represents our position as one of the leading missional seminaries in the world. Missio means "mission" in Latin and reflects the brand essence of Missional Theology. Without being literal, it evokes scholarship and the relevance of "following Jesus into the World".

The logo itself was inspired by the Greek letter "Chi" which looks like an "X". Chi is the first Greek letter in the title "Christ". This letter and Christ's death on the cross lead to the design of early representations of the cross in Church History. The Missio symbol is a contemporary monogram forming both an "M" (for Missio) and the cross (X). Additionally, the two arrows inside the "M" represent pointing to the center of God's Mission.

The seal includes the new Missio symbol but also includes the Greek phrase from our original seal. The Greek phrase comes from 1 Thes. 2:4 and means "entrusted with Gospel". As in 1971 at the founding of Biblical Theological Seminary, we believe that we are entrusted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and entrusted with preparing missional leaders who can live and speak that Gospel for generations to come.

To find out more about our new location in Philadelphia click here:

Informational Webinar with Pres. James and Ryan Egli

Biblical Theological Seminary
We are a Christian seminary located in Hatfield, PA. We are moving our main campus to Philadelphia, PA in January 2019. Our focus on missional theology and missional training will help prepare you for ministry no matter where you serve.


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