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Why Seminary? Why Biblical?

How do I pay for seminary?
Do you offer financial aid?
Do you have a payment plan?
Is Biblical accredited?
Do I need to have a Bible college degree or take the GRE to attend?
Do you accept international students?

Why Seminary? Why Biblical?

toddmangum09Answered by Dr. R. Todd Mangum, dean of faculty

A good seminary will provide solid grounding in what the Bible teaches.

At Biblical students can expect to also receive:

Training in the Bible that emphasizes mastery of the biblical storyline and plotline

Training that reads the Bible from beginning to end as a  message from God that points to and is fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Training to read the Bible with an eye to discerning the missional character of God

Training that reads the Bible as the Word of God designed to transform ordinary lives, not just a specimen designed to be analyzed by a guild of experts

Training committed to generous orthodoxy

A good seminary education provides guidance in assessing the times.

At Biblical we also provide:

Training the looks to capitalize on opportunities provided by the postmodern turn. (Unbelief is the enemy, not postmodernism or modernism.)

Training that recognizes the value of community, and that recognizes that seekers today may engage a Christian community before they are interested in Christian beliefs.

Training and a classroom dynamic that takes the knowledge and experience of the student seriously; and that recognizes that one benefit of a Biblical Seminary education is the opportunity to learn alongside and from fellow students.

A good seminary education provides practical assistance in one's ministry.

At Biblical we offer:

A faculty of churchmen and churchwomen, engaged in ministry as well as scholarship. Every faculty member has impressive scholarly credentials, but every faculty member is also concerned with the practical needs of people and the practical concerns of the church.

Every course is designed to be beneficial for your ministry for honing skills, attitudes, and thinking that will impact your life, your walk with God, and your ability to lead and to carry out your ministry in ever more effective ways.

Training for missional leaders that facilitates entrepreneurial innovation to train you to plant new ministries or to enable you to lead organizations and people through significant transitions, in order to make traditional ministries more effective, and more missionally faithful.

How do I pay for seminary?

Here's How Biblical Can Help You Afford Seminary

Full and Half Time Students:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Goverment loans
  • Biblical's grant program and scholarship program
  • A Third, A Third, A Third Program-- For students where churches agree to sponsor one third, Biblical will sponsor one third, and the student pays one third.
  • 50% spouse discount if other spouse attends full time
  • Discounts for prepaying one full year in advance.

First Course Students:

  • $100.00 off your first course by attending an information night
  • Foreign and domestic missionaries receive a 25% entitlement
  • Campus ministry leaders and church planters receive a 25% entitlement.

Alumni Benefits:

  • 25% Tuition entitlement for son, daughter, and/or spouse of alumni.


  • Many students receive financial assistance from their local church, denomination, mission agency, employer (check with the company's human resource dept.), or friends and family. For more information please contact an Admissions Counselor.
  • Student Loans

Biblical does participate in loan programs guaranteed by the federal government. Please click here for more information. We also have a relationship with an educational lending institution for students who are enrolled at least half-time. Current information is available at and Key Alternative Loans.

  • Veterans Benefits

As an accredited school, Biblical is recognized by the Veterans Administration. To determine eligibility, contact your regional VA office.

Do you offer financial aid?
  • We believe that no qualified student should be discouraged from pursuing seminary for merely financial reasons. Our students receive awards, scholarships, and grants from a variety of sources and we encourage each student to develop a personal financial plan. Biblical does offer need-based financial aid. For more information click here.
Do you have a payment plan?
  • Yes, through Nelnet you can enter into a monthly payment plan. (Contact the Business Office for more information)
Is Biblical accredited?
  • Biblical Seminary is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.
Do I need to have a Bible college degree or take the GRE to attend?
  • No. Biblical students have attended a variety of colleges. All students admitted to Biblical must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.

Do you accept international students?

  • Yes, we do. For more information on international student requirements click here.

Good seminary education provides guidance in assessing the times.

Here at Biblical we also provide:

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