Master of Arts, Missional Theology

What is Missional Theology?

God has communicated in His own Word that He created the universe and the people in it with a purpose. God has existed in three Persons from eternity past in perfect harmony, with no need of anything or anyone more for Him to be “happy and satisfied.”

Nevertheless, He chose to create anyway, creating beings unlike Himself, so He could share the joy and love of the harmony the Three Persons of the Trinity had already been enjoying from eternity. And, even when that creation rebelled and corrupted itself, He did not crush it and start over (though He justly could have); nor did He simply sit back and demand the glory due Him. No, He reached out, and pursued – as on a mission. How far did that mission take Him? Even to brutal death at the hands of creatures He could have easily snuffed out even as they cursed Him and spit on Him. . . .

Everything about God has to be understood within the context of that unfolding drama.

Missional Theology is a vital way in which we, at Biblical Seminary, help teach, train, and guide our students to engage the culture and participate in the mission of God. We seek a posture of generous orthodoxy in which we train in the essentials that have been affirmed by the church throughout time. God has created the universe and the people in it for a purpose. It is our belief that through missional theology we can work together for this greater purpose of God to engage and impact the culture.

Our entire curriculum is used to train in missional leadership, understand God's word from a Christotelic perspective, and instruct in a way that emphasizes students to go and be the message of God to a hurting culture. Our approach to theology is practical and will equip you for real life ministry.

Who is the MA, Missional Theology for?

Anyone who wants to study the Word of God is welcome. Students will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its missional perspective and their ability to humbly interpret and apply it in light of history, culture, and genre. The MA in Missional Theology was created to assist missional Christians who desire to enhance their awareness of how they are a part of the mission of God to bring righteousness, justice, and peace to those they serve.

Why a Master of Arts from Biblical Seminary?

The MA in Missional Theology program will enable students to understand the mission of GOd in the world and their place in it. The program is designed to provide graduate theological study for men and women desiring to strengthen their spiritual basis for life and work whether in a secular career ministry or in a church ministry.

Through this program students are prepared to be missionally engaged in a post-modern context in a variety of ministry settings.

Why is this program unique?

This 48-credit MA rigorously engages students in the theological and cultural ideas of our day, from a biblically missional perspective. Students will learn the key persons, ideas, and movements in the history of theology and the Christian tradition, along with their significance today.

"Learning theology from a book is great. Doing it is life-changing. Biblical is committed to provide the opportunity to stretch a person's faith under the guidance of instructors who really care."

Master of Arts, Missional Theology Curriculum

Required Theology Courses - 18 Credits

  • Formation and Mission
  • Reading the Old Testament Missionally
  • Reading the New Testament Missionally (pre-req., Reading the OT Missionally)
  • Authentic Biblical Interpretation
  • Missional Theology 1: God and Creation
  • Missional Theology 2: Reconciliation & Redemption (pre-req., Missional Theology 1)

Required Core Courses - 15 Credits

  • Christianity & World Religions
  • World Christian History 1
  • World Christian History 2 (pre-req., World Christian History 1)
  • World Christian History 3 (pre-req., World Christian History 1 & 2)
  • Senior Seminar

General Electives - 15 Credits

Please be aware that these elective courses vary from year to year. Please see our current term schedules for the classes being offered this year.

Total Required Credits - 48


Notes regarding the program:

  • Students must take Formation and Mission within the first year (and preferably within the first 9 credits)
  • The Senior Seminar course may be taken only after completion of 30 hours, typically in the student's final year.
  • Students entering their program in 2012-13 and beyond must pass the Bible Knowledge exam to qualify for graduation.

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Master of Arts Program Goals

  • Live grace-based missional lives increasingly characterized by the fruit of the Spirit, and love for God and others.
  • Demonstrate effective missional leadership based on biblical values and individual gifting, personality, call, context, and relational skills.
  • Critically, constructively, and creatively engage our postmodern culture with the hope of the gospel.

Important Dates:

  • Open Now:
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  • Leadercast 2015

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