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May/June & Summer 2018 Syllabi

A syllabus is intended to give the student guidance in what may be covered during the term (or semester) and will be followed as closely as possible. However, the professor reserves the right to modify, supplement and make changes as course needs arise.

Students are encouraged to use online resources such as Amazon.com to purchase textbooks. Required texts are listed in the syllabus for each course.

Online Classes

Traditional & LEAD Courses

Guided Study Courses

MDiv/MA students who would like to maintain their language skills over the summer may register for NT 701I Supplementary Greek and/or OT 701I Supplementary Hebrew, 1-3 credit independent reading courses for translation practice and grammar/syntax review (prerequisite: Greek 2 or Hebrew 2). For details, contact the academic office.

Summer Counseling Institute

  • GTR 803B - GTR Immersion (GTRI certificate students only)
  • MAC 701 - Forgiveness & Counseling
  • MAC 725 - Healing Wounds of Trauma

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