Master of Divinity (MDiv) Language Program

Someone once wrote that reading the Bible without knowing Greek and Hebrew is like watching a 20” TV, while reading the Bible knowing Greek and Hebrew is like watching a 65” LCD 1080p HDTV with stereo surround sound. You can understand what is going on with the smaller television, but the bigger TV offers added depth and clarity. Studying the original languages provides a platform for a greater understanding of the scriptural text. The language-based Master of Divinity offers the student the opportunity to take classes to prepare them for a wide variety of vocations such as pastoral ministry, teaching, and chaplaincy. Advanced courses are also available to prepare students interested in pursuing doctoral studies.

Why Biblical's MDiv Language Program?

Biblical's MDiv is taught from a "missional" perspective. The church in many places is losing its effectiveness for influencing people for Christ. Those in ministry leadership roles within the church must be equipped to bring new vitality and focus to the mission to which God has called the church. Biblical's approach is simple: telling the gospel is our command, living out the gospel is our commission.

Why Biblical Languages?

If you were married to a person from France or Mexico, wouldn’t you want to learn French or Spanish because of your love for your spouse? While there are a lot of great English translations of Scripture out there, in the Old Testament authors spoke Hebrew (or Aramaic) and in the New Testament authors spoke Greek (or Aramaic). Yes, it’s always work to study a new language, but in the case of Hebrew and Greek the reward is worth it. As you learn the language of YHWH and Jesus, you will develop a deeper relationship with God.

The language-based Master of Divinity consists of 90 credits, available in a convenient format. Due to block scheduling, full-time students are on campus a maximum of only two days per week. Courses are offered in the afternoon and evening so students may work and minister as they complete their degree.


"They all told me the same thing: if you want to be a theologian or a scholar, there are many great options. If you want to be a shepherd of people, go to Biblical. I chose Biblical, and they were right."

- Dave Matchette, MDiv '08


Master of Divinity Curriculum

Biblical Studies - 36 Credits

  • Hebrew (1 and 2) and Greek (1 and 2)
  • Pursuing Authentic Biblical Interpretation
  • Reading the Old Testament Missionally
  • Reading the New Testament Missionally (pre-req., Reading OT)

Take 5 of These 6

  • Old Testament Pentateuch Book Study - (pre-req., Reading OT, Hebrew 2)
  • Old Testament Prophets Book Study - (pre-req., Reading OT, Hebrew 2)
  • Old Testament Writings Book Study - (pre-req., Reading OT, Hebrew 2)
  • New Testament Gospels Book Study - (pre-req., Reading NT, Greek 2)
  • New Testament Acts or Pauline Book Study - (pre-req., Reading NT, Greek 2)
  • New Testament General Epistles Book Study - (pre-req., Reading NT, Greek 2)

Theology - 18 Credits

  • Missional Theology 1: God and Creation
  • Missional Theology 2: Reconciliation and Redemption - (pre-req., MT1)
  • World Christian History 1
  • World Christian History 2
  • World Christian History 3
  • Christianity and World Religions

Practical Theology - 18 Credits

  • Formation and Mission
  • Community and Mission - (pre-req., Formation and Mission)
  • Leadership Development - (pre-req., Formation and Mission)
  • Organizations and Change - (pre-req., Leadership Development)
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Homiletics - (pre-req., 4 book study courses)

Integrative - Senior Seminar - 3 Credits

Free Elective Option - 15 Credits

You may choose any five classes of your choice to complete this requirement. Not all classes are offered at the same times each year.

Ministry in Context Concentration - 15 Credits

  • Ministry Internship Seminar
  • Pastoral Responsibilities & Church Leadership
  • 2 Ministry Electives and 1 Other Elective

Counseling Concentration - 15 Credits

(2 required counseling courses & 3 other elective classes of your choice)
  • Psychopathology
  • Human Development

A prerequisite for counseling electives is successful completion of Helping Relationships or Pastoral Counseling including a recommendation from the professor.

Please be aware that these elective courses vary from year to year. Please see our current term schedules for the classes being offered this year.

Total Required Credits - 90

*Note: Students entering their program in 2012-13 and beyond must pass the Bible Knowledge exam to qualify for graduation.

MAC Course Policy for Non-MAC Students

Students not in the MAC program who wish to complete core counseling classes [note: this does not limit bible and theology counseling courses) are limited to certificate level courses. These courses include:

  • Helping Relationships
  • Human Development
  • Psychopathology
  • Models of Counseling
  • Physiology
  • Some summer electives

Students wishing to take advanced counseling classes as part of the certificate (i.e., the elective course) such as Marriage and Family, Child and Adolescent must first successfully complete Helping Relationships (or Pastoral Counseling plus receive the recommendation of that professor).

Students wishing to transfer into the MAC program must first complete Helping Relationships (successful completion of triads, mock counseling and the video assignments). Those students who completed the pastoral counseling course must audit Helping Relationships and successfully complete the above assignments.

Students need to be reviewed before they are permitted to transfer into MAC fully, but can be taking courses on the list above.


How long will it take to complete the MDiv program?

The Master of Divinity program can be completed in three years with a total of 90 credits. However, many students pursue the program on a part-time basis for all or part of their course of study. A comprehesive schedule of night classes allows for a flexible program of study.

What are the entrance requirements to the MDiv program?

Biblical welcomes men and women who have or are about to complete a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Prior study in Bible or theology is not required. International applicants have additional requirements that are posted on our website .

The admissions committee assesses each applicant on the basis of academic ability, personal characteristics, and educational and ministry goals and objectives.

MDiv Program Goals
  • Cultivate grace-based missional lives characterized by the fruit of the Spirit, and love for God and others
  • Cultivate wisdom and skill in interpersonal relationships, conflict management, and living in community.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Bible and its missional perspective and the ability to humbly interpret and apply it in light of history, culture, and genre.
  • Know the key persons, ideas, and movements in the history of theology and the Christian tradition and their significance today.
  • Demonstrate effective missional leadership based on biblical values and individual gifting, personality, call, context, and relational skills.
  • Critically, constructively, and creatively engage our postmodern culture with the hope of the gospel.

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