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Note: If the main building is open, you can always return books via the "book return" slot in the circulation desk, opposite the stairwell.

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Students and faculty: have questions about using the library or conducting research? Visit LIB101 on E-campus for tutorials and resources.

The Library @ E-campus

Wondering how many books you can borrow? Need a place to study? Have a hankering for some used books? We have a full listing of library policies and services.

Policies & Services

Worried about maintaining your academic integrity while writing a paper? Having trouble formatting citations? Here's our guide to keeping all that in order.

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Partner Libraries

Whether our library at Biblical Seminary is a bit of a drive for you or you need a book we don’t have, we’d be happy to help you find what you need from one of our partner libraries.

The BTS library is a member of ATLA, SEPTLA, and TCLC, which means that as a student at BTS, you can borrow books from and study at 50+ academic libraries in the tri-state area and 70+ across the country. All you need is your student ID and a letter from us confirming that you’re a student in good standing.

To request a letter of confirmation, email us the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your student ID number
  • The library you'd like to borrow from

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