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United States Senate Confirms Timothy Haahs to NIBS Board of Directors

“Tim Haahs pursues excellence — for the sake of glorifying God — in every area of his life. He runs a successful company and founded and provides pastoral leadership to a church that meets in his building. He is truly an example of a missional business leader. He greatly deserves this honor, and I am confident he will add significant value to NIBS Board of Directors,” says Dr. Frank A. James III, president of Biblical Seminary.

After being nominated by the White House earlier this year, the United States Senate recently voted to confirm Timothy Haahs, PE, AIA to the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Building Sciences.

Authorized by Congress, the Institute brings together representatives of government, industry, labor and consumer interests, and regulatory agencies to identify and resolve issues that hinder the construction of safe, affordable structures for housing, commerce, and industry throughout the United States. The Institute serves as an authoritative source, and provides a unique opportunity for free and candid discussion among private and public sectors within the built environment. The Institute serves public interests by supporting advances in building sciences and technologies to improve the performance of the nation’s buildings, while reducing waste and conserving energy and resources.

The Board of Directors, which is comprised of 21 members from across the country, includes public representatives and industry voices elected from the nation’s building community. The bi-partisan Board also includes members appointed by the White House to represent public interests.

Some of the Institute’s most recent accomplishments include the development of the Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK), an online portal providing access to peer-reviewed building research and case studies; the Integrated Resilient Design Program, an innovative approach to the design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructure to withstand natural and man-made disasters; and HAZUS, a nationally-used software system estimating potential building and infrastructure losses from natural disasters.

In response to his appointment, Haahs states “I am thrilled and honored by the opportunity to work with the National Institute of Building Sciences, and to work with my fellow Board members to further the Institute’s mission. I look forward to the opportunity to use my experience in the building industry, specifically related to issues associated with parking planning, design, and construction, to contribute to the development and implementation of programs to improve the built environment now and in the future.”

Reprinted with permission from Tim Haahs Engineers & Architects.

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