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What’s the difference?

While searching our databases for journal articles and e-books, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for the following descriptions:

  • Full-text: Anything that’s marked as full-text can be read online, and often saved to your computer.
  • Book Reviews: You might find some book reviews mixed in with the articles and ebooks. These are usually only a page or two, and can’t (usually) be used as a source for research papers.
  • Abstracts: An abstract gives you a brief description of the article or book in question. If it’s something you’re interested in, we can probably get you a copy through interlibrary loan.
  • Indexes: Indexes usually include only basic citation information. But again, if it looks like something that might be useful, email us the information and we’ll get you a copy. Remember, interlibrary loans are free, so there’s no reason not to.

EBSCO A-to-Z (via MyAthens)

Lists 900+ titles, almost all of which are available in full-text, and anything that isn’t is available in print at the library. However, the database is searchable only by journal title and general subject: think of this as a catalog of online journals. Good if you’re just sort of browsing, or if you know the volume/issue already. Includes a fair number of resources for psychology and a mix of religious journals. [Biblical Studies, Counseling, DMin, Practical Theology, Theology]

EBSCO databases (via MyAthens)


ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials: 1,440,000+ citations from religious journals, essays, book reviews, and even multimedia; 380,000+ of those are full-text. Search options include scripture references (e.g. John 3:16). [Biblical Studies, Counseling, Practical Theology, Theology]

ERIC: Education Resource Information Center: Focused on materials related to education; contains 1,300,000+ records. [DMin, Practical Theology]

European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750: 32,000+ entries; a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. [Church History]

GreenFILE: Covers all aspects of human impact to the environment, with scholarly, government, and general-interest titles. Has indexing and abstracts for 384,000+ records, with full-text for 4,700+ records. [Practical Theology]

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts: This may not be much use to you unless you’re interested in the exciting world of information collection, organization, and storage. [DMin, Senior Seminar]

PsychARTICLES: 153,000+ full-text, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles on psychology. [Counseling]

PsychINFO: 3,000,000+ abstracts of scholarly journal articles, books, and dissertations on behavioral science and mental health. [Counseling]

Teacher Reference Center: Provides indexing and abstracts for 280 of the most journals and magazines related to education. [DMin]


eBook Religion Collection: 5,100+ e-books, covering religious subjects including philosophy, ethics, history of religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, religious texts, and more. Explores religious beliefs, faith, cultural systems and world views. [Biblical Studies, DMin, Practical Theology, Theology]

eBook Academic Collection: 130,000+ e-books covering subjects including art, business & economics, education, language, literary criticism, medicine, philosophy, political science, religion, social science, and more. [All programs]


WorldCat contains links to 4,470,000+ downloadable articles. Just make sure you have the right search limiters in the sidebar selected. (This one you can use without having to log in, although you have the option of creating an account so as to save lists.) [Biblical Studies, Counseling, DMin, Practical Theology, Theology]

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