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Master of Arts, Biblical Studies

Connecting with God’s vision and purpose through the study of His Word is a rewarding endeavor. The students in our MA Biblical Studies program delve deeper into the Bible, gaining an awareness of the passion Jesus had for all of us. This passion will often leave the reader asking more questions.

At BTS, our serious and humble study of God’s Word is pursued not just to gain scholastic insights or to collate proof texts for doctrinal points of argument, but to follow God’s guidance for the transformation of people and communities in accordance with God’s will and God’s image.

By choosing Old or New Testament tracks, students will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its missional perspective. They also develop the ability to humbly interpret and apply the Bible in light of history, culture, and genre.

Who is the MA, Biblical Studies for?

Anyone who wants to study the Word of God is welcome. Students will grow in their knowledge of the Bible and its missional perspective and their ability to humbly interpret and apply it in light of history, culture, and genre. The MA, Biblical Studies was created to assist Christians who desire to enhance their awareness of how they are a part of the mission of God to bring righteousness, justice, and peace to those they serve.

Why is this missional program unique?

Our MA, Biblical Studies provides in-depth studies of the Bible, in the original languages, from a missional perspective. Students choose from an Old Testament or a New Testament track to fulfill the 48 credits of the degree. It offers each student the opportunity to interact and dialogue with both faculty and fellow students in the program, enhancing both intellectual and vocational growth.

Master of Arts, Biblical Studies Curriculum

Required Courses - 15 Credits

  • Formation and Mission
  • Reading the Old Testament Missionally
  • Reading the New Testament Missionally (pre-req., Reading the OT Missionally)
  • Authentic Biblical Interpretation
  • Christianity and World Religions

Choose Old Testament - OR - New Testament Track:

Old Testament Track - 15 credits

  • Biblical Hebrew 1
  • Biblical Hebrew 2
  • OT Pentateuch Book Study *
  • OT Prophets Book Study *
  • OT Writings Book Study *

* Pre-Req., Biblical Hebrew 2

New Testament Track - 15 credits

  • Biblical Greek 1
  • Biblical Greek 2
  • NT Gospels Book Study *
  • NT Acts/Pauline Book Study *
  • NT General Epistles Book Study *

* Pre-Req., Biblical Greek 2

Senior Seminar - 3 Credits

General Electives - 15 Credits

Please be aware that these elective courses vary from year to year. Please see our current term schedules for the classes being offered this year.

Total Required Credits - 48


Notes regarding the program:

  • Students must take Formation and Mission within the first year (and preferably within the first 9 credits)
  • The Senior Seminar course may be taken only after completion of 30 hours, typically in the student's final year.
  • Students must pass the Bible Knowledge exam to qualify for graduation.

Am I Eligible?

To be considered for the Master of Arts, Biblical Studies degree program at BTS, the student must complete the application form, including all required elements of the application. The degree is open to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

Our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have regarding our programs and the application process.
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