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2017 IME Trip to Israel and Palestine

2017 IME Trip to Israel and Palestine

Professor Derek Cooper reports on his recent trip to Israel and Palestine with his LEAD 718U Intercultural Ministry Experience class:

"While most tours of the Holy Land trek past one site after another, BTS followed a different path when it traveled to Israel and Palestine this June. We listened to the “living stones”—the people still living among the dead stones of history. With an open mind and a gracious spirit, we heard from people from all backgrounds: Jews, Christians, Muslims; Arabs and Israelis; men and women; even Samaritans.

"With six historic religions (Baha’i, Christianity, Druze, Islam, Judaism, and Samaritanism) awkwardly existing in a land smaller than New Jersey, Israel and Palestine is probably the messiest place on earth. Before leaving, therefore, we diligently studied and discussed the complex cultural, political, and religious climate of this land so that we could make the most of our learning experience. Like pearls on a necklace, students strung together all of the discussions, theories, and lessons they had learned thus far in seminary."

**Click here to read his full write-up of the trip**

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