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BTS and Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

BTS and Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

BTS really is following Jesus into the world. In his role as the chair of the Faith and Spiritual Affairs Advisory Board for the Department of Behavioral Health in Philadelphia, President Frank James opened the 11th Annual Faith and Spiritual Affairs Conference at the Pennsylvania Conference Center on 28 April. The focus of this conference was the opioid epidemic that is devastating so many in our nation. The data reveals that there were 900 + overdose deaths in Philadelphia in 2016—three times the murder rate. Dr. James appealed to city leaders to “bring all of our community resources to bear upon this crisis, including the faith community.” If we are to follow Jesus into the world, we must engage this opioid plague.

(Photo L to R: James Baker, Chairman of the Mayor’s Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission | James Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia | Roland Lamb, Deputy Commission, Department of Behavioral Health | Rabbi Nancy Epstein | Mary Harper, Program Analyst, Faith and Spiritual Affairs, Community-Based Service Development, Department of Behavioral health| Frank James, BTS President | Sharon White, Story teller.)

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