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April 28th Event: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

April 28th Event: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

It is estimated that 23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or drugs and approximately 20% of all Americans smoke cigarettes. The consequences of addiction are numerous: it results in a number of health problems, disrupts families and other relationships, and can leave individuals isolated, depressed and even suicidal. Addictions can lead to vulnerability to behavioral health challenges. Despite all of these difficulties, countless individuals confront and overcome their addictions every year, often with the help of their faith, family, community, healthcare professionals, and treatment programs.

BTS President Frank James is the chair of the the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services' Faith and Spiritual Affairs Committee, which along with the Mayor's Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission and Behavioral Health Training Education Network is pleased to sponsor the Eleventh annual Faith and Spiritual Affairs conference "Empowering Families and Communities: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic", on Friday, April 28. The conference will provide workshops and poster presentations from some of the foremost authorities in the addiction field. Topics will include evidence based treatments, inclusion of spirituality as part of treatment, medication management, and family empowerment. Dr. James anticipates giving the opening remarks at the conference, which is intended to serve a wide audience: those affected personally, professionally, or simply wanting to learn more in order to provide support to those around them.

This is a free event, but pre-registration is required: https://guidebook.com/g/fsac2017. The official event flier is available HERE.

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