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Leading Missional Change is Being Translated into Korean

Leading Missional Change is Being Translated into Korean

Leading Missional Change: Moving Your Congregation from Resistant to Re-Energized by Paul J. Dunbar and Tony Blair

About the Book

It seems that nearly everyone is talking about missional change for congregations. As a result, many church leaders are attempting to drive that kind of change for the ministries they lead. Some succeed. But many others hit a wall of considerable frustration as they find that congregations resist the very change that is so needed. The reasons for this resistance are many, and they are explored in this volume.

What is required to move a church from resistance to readiness? Some resistance is deeply rooted in spiritual patterns. But there are other reasons as well, and they center on trust--personal trust in the leaders who offer missional change. For this work, the authors have done extensive primary and secondary research to identify patterns and behaviors that invite missional leadership. More than that, they've lived this out in their own ministries as pastors of traditional congregations. This book thus offers compelling first-person stories and congregational case studies alongside more generalized findings.

Leading Missional Change was written to support pastors and other church leaders who experience resistance, to share wisdom and experience that may lead to readiness, and to give hope and encouragement toward a re-energizing of your own congregation.


A book by Dr. Paul Dunbar (DMin 2007), one of the adjunct instructors in our ACS program, is being translated and published this year by Olive Tree Productions in Seoul, South Korea.   The book, Leading Missional Change: Move Your Congregation from Resistant to Re-Energized, was originally published by Wipf and Stock in 2013, and co-authored by Dr. Tony Blair, president of Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, PA.

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