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Advanced Cultural Studies

The ACS program is for any student desiring a theological education whose primary language is not English, no matter where he or she is from. Typical English language training can fall short of equipping students for graduate-level ministry study. Students face many issues in moving to a strange land with confusing customs and little access to the help they need.

Advanced Cultural Studies is designed to provide instruction for graduate-level students in need of focused academic training in the English language, cultural awareness, and theological terminology in addition to regular program courses at BTS.

Introduction to our ACS Program in Korean

To schedule an appointment or for more information please contact Dr. Chang Hoon Oh at coh@biblical.edu or call 800.235.4021 x144

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Advanced Cultural Studies with a Specialization in Theological English, American Culture, and Spiritual Formation

Goals and Learning Outcomes of the ACS Program

Language Education

  1. Graduate-Level English
  2. Theological English

Cultural Education

  1. Intercultural Sensitivity
  2. Practices of Global Christianity

Spiritual Education

  1. Christ-Like Character Development
  2. Commitment to Communities of Faith

After completing Advanced Cultural Studies, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in using comprehensive English skills for academic success in their graduate-level study.
  • Demonstrate competency in theological terminology, missional theology, biblical literacy, and research skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to show cultural competence, multicultural awareness, interpersonal communication, and conflict management in diverse communities.
  • Demonstrate capacity to maintain spiritual, intellectual, and emotional health by managing their daily life, studies, and social activities in a Christian environment.

How Many Terms or Classes Will I Need to Take?

The number of classes is determined by your TOEFL iBT score, which is a highly respected English-language test. It measures your ability to use and understand English at the university level and evaluates how well you combine your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks. If you need to take the test, or would like additional information, you may visit the TOEFL site to learn more.

Our Required TOEFL iBT Scores:

  • TOEFL iBT score minimum requirement = 60
  • If your score is 60-69 two semesters are required
  • If your score is 70-79 one semester is required
  • If your score is 80 or above, selected courses may be recommended

Full-time students: 5 courses are required in each semester


Note: All courses are subject to change.

ACS101 - Introduction to American Culture

ACS103 - English Writing Skills

ACS104 - Introduction to American History

ACS105 - Theological Terminology

ACS207 - Missional Formation and Application

ACS201 - Academic Communication

ACS202 - Critical Reading & Writing Skills

ACS204 - Introduction to Philosophy and the Christian Worldview

ACS303 - Theological Writing

ACS304 - The Story of the Old Testament and New Testament

Other Requirements for Entry into the ACS Program at BTS:

If you are an international student transferring your visa status to BTS (Category A), you must be accepted into one of our degree programs. If you are an international student that does not require transfer of your visa status (Category B), you do not need to apply for a degree program. Here are the requirements for application:

Category A Student

Students with a completed undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university who need an I-20:

  • Take the TOEFL iBT test to determine your score. TOEFL score must be 60 or above.
  • Complete Biblical Seminary’s online Degree Application.

Category B Student

Students who have completed two or more years of college/university (60 credits or more) and who do not need an I-20:

  • Take the TOEFL iBT test to determine your score. TOEFL score must be 60 or above.
  • Complete Biblical Seminary’s ACS Non-Degree Application.

Download the Complete International Student Application


Whether you are looking for more information regarding a program, scheduling a visit, starting the application process, or just wanting to talk to someone about your dreams, our admissions department is always available to assist you and answer any question that you might have.

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