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Statement of Educational Effectiveness

To measure the effectiveness of its educational programs, Biblical Seminary’s faculty developed outcome assessment plans that are implemented annually. The assessment plans, evaluation rubrics, and annual reports for each program are published in the Comprehensive Outcomes Assessment Plan (COAP), available by request from the office of institutional effectiveness.

View the Latest Educational Effectiveness Statistics.

Overview of BTS’s Self-study Process

BTS recently completed a comprehensive self-study with an emphasis on structuring and strengthening the school for change. In a comprehensive self-study, every aspect of the institution is appraised. The steering committee and working groups examine appropriate institutional documents, conduct interviews and focus groups, and analyze the result to determine to what extent BTS is meeting accreditation standards of both accrediting agencies. Two separate reports were prepared.

Goals of the Self-study

BTS has completed several self-studies in the course of our applications for initial accreditation and renewal of accreditation with ATS and MSCHE. These processes have been worthwhile, allowing the school to evaluate what needs to be improved or adjusted in order to move forward into our desired future. At the end of this self-study, BTS was be able to:

  • Assess the extent to which BTS meets the accreditation standards of MSCHE and ATS.
  • Write a succinct report of the Working Groups’ analyses of BTS’s institutional operations and educational effectiveness.
  • Make suggestions and recommendations that relate to the self-study’s emphasis on structuring and strengthening the institution for change and that are helpful for ongoing institutional planning and growth.
  • Encourage the BTS community through thoughtful analysis and reporting of the current state of affairs at BTS and promote the betterment of the institution.

Self-study Steering Committee

Committee Chair

R. Todd Mangum, Professor of Theology and Academic Dean

Staff Members

Rick Houseknecht, Director of Academic Services and Chair: Working Group on Faculty, Enrollment Management, and Student Services

Board Members

Joseph Longo, Trustee and former Board Chair

Richard McDaniel, Trustee and Chair: Working Group on the Institutional Context

Alum and Student

Tami Good, Alum

Paul Chung, Student

Self-Study Timeline

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