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Wednesday, March 21 - The seminary is closed all day due to snow.

Yesterday’s open house for prospective Bible/theology students has been rescheduled to April 17


Training that Transforms

Following Jesus means that we are committed to God’s mission of redemption for this world. BTS is pledged to the preparation of thoughtful leaders who will humbly follow Jesus by declaring His Good News bringing personal conversion, community formation, social justice, and cultural renewal to Philadelphia and, through it, the northeast corridor and the world.


The missional motivation for BTS is summarized by our phrase “following Jesus into the world.” We believe that God is at work building His church around the world from rural country towns, to bustling urban cities, to poverty-stricken nations, and everywhere in between. When you study at Biblical Seminary you are more than just a student, your story becomes our story – and together we join God’s great story of redeeming the world to Himself through Christ.

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Our programs offer a wide range of practical ministry application. Whether you are looking to gain a counseling license, pastor a church, serve on the mission field, or advance your theological acumen, BTS has a program and a class schedule that can work for you.
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Any institution can educate you on the teachings of the Bible. BTS will accomplish the goal of Godly learning while mixing it with practical training and personal relationships. Ministries come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains constant ... the desire to reach people. As the challenges of ministry change, the core goals for our students remain the same:


Our main purpose is to train missional leaders who facilitate entrepreneurial innovation. Our classrooms serve as the training ground to send remarkable men and women into the world for the cause of Christ.

"Every course is designed to be beneficial for your ministry while honing skills, attitudes, and thinking that will impact your life, your walk with God, and your ability to lead and to carry out your ministry in ever more effective ways." - Dr. R. Todd Mangum, ThM Program Director


Rather than have long lectures and large classes, Biblical strives to base classroom time on engaging the student through personal engagement and high classroom interaction.

Our faculty are known for their dedication to teaching and their desire to fully serve the Lord. Their teaching styles are highly interactive and reflect a high degree of scholarship and practical experience in ministry.


Biblical Theological Seminary is an evangelical seminary committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and a generously orthodox Christian faith for the purpose of preparing missional leaders to serve the church.

We are also deeply committed to providing sound biblical theology that can engage the current culture.


Any person who desires to lead a ministry within their community will be assisted by our core curriculum of practical training. We strive to provide the best training that will directly impact your ministry in a positive manner.


At BTS, all of our courses are geared to incarnate and communicate the story of Jesus with humility and authenticity. We strive to foster an environment where our students will develop the commitment, skills, capacities, and transferable habits to be effective missional leaders.


Our MA in Counseling students are those who are drawn to walk alongside hurting people, seeking to be conduits of God’s healing to emotional and relational brokenness. BTS prepares them to skillfully apply the grace and truth of the Gospel first to their lives and then to their counselees.

What Our Students are Saying:

Biblical Theological Seminary
We are an evangelical seminary with locations in suburban and urban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our focus on missional theology and missional training will help prepare you for ministry no matter where you serve.

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